bringing excitement, magic and fun to your business and life. 

Hi! I'm Camille. 

I created Finding Sparks as a way to help entrepreneurs, creatives, business owners, healers, and leaders ditch the stress and burnout and connect back to their true essence, so that they can create a life of flow, ease, joy and total alignment in their business and lives. 

Because when you learn to use intuition to follow and honor what really lights you up, other people notice.


And when you love yourself fully for who you are (instead of who you think you SHOULD be), you become a powerful force of good in the world.


You become more energized, more passionate and more magnetic to your clients, customers, potential partners and endless opportunities!

And rather than chasing the hustle and losing yourself trying to push forward, everything you want, desire and imagine starts to come to YOU.


Now doesn't that sound better??


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