Camille is a Bay Area native, a queer artist and an everyday adventure seeker.


She is dedicated to helping business owners, creatives, entrepreneurs, healers, and leaders find more joy and flow in their businesses and in their lives.

Camille’s unique background includes not only a lifelong dedication to providing support for adults with disabilities, but also extensive teaching experience both in the United States and abroad, and corporate community building and engagement. 


Camille’s ongoing commitment to learning and continual improvement has allowed her to not only facilitate her own healing journey through overcoming severe anxiety, trauma and come out as a queer woman, but also to deeply understand the unmet needs of others.


This has led her to help many individuals struggling with anxiety and self doubt to create positive meaningful changes in their own lives, by accepting and honoring their authentic selves.


Through Finding Sparks, Camille uses a unique blend of EFT/tapping combined with personalized coaching and non-judgmental creativity practices that allow her clients to not only effectively manage anxiety and stress, but also fully embrace who they truly are, and become their most vibrant, inspired versions of who they were meant to be.

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"I highly recommend the coaching services of Camille Kelley. During my time with her she was able to help me flesh out some tangible next steps for engaging my readership. Together we were able to come up with a few "out of the box" ideas for building community around my travel blog. Additionally, Camille has a very bright and upbeat energy that was simply infectious."

Niesha D, Coaching Client 

“As someone who has been through many sessions with licensed therapists over the years, I have to say that after my first one-on-one session with Camille I felt a sense of relief: a weight lifted. I suffer from anxiety and the different exercises that she exposed me to, especially tapping, were very helpful tools! I look forward to my next session with her!” 


-Danielle P., Coaching Client

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