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If you feel uninspired and exhausted a lot of the time, even on your days off...


If you have a creative project (or several!) buried under piles of junk in your garage/closet/attic/back of your mind that you want to work on, but somehow can't seem to start...

If you have a nagging fear that you might never do the things you’ve been dreaming about your whole life...


If you feel like you’re totally "out of practice" or “far behind” in your goals and like you’ve wasted time not taking more action, but also don’t quite know how to move forward...


If you feel scatterbrained and overwhelmed...


If you often doubt yourself, and know that you have been holding yourself back, but also feel like there’s just too much to do and not enough time...

Then you are in the right place!.png

I know exactly how you feel!


For years I struggled with debilitating anxiety, destructive behaviors, and feeling like I was never going to figure out how to truly be happy or live the creative life I so deeply wanted. 

I went to countless doctors and psychiatrists, therapists and career mentors, tried every medication under the sun to treat my anxiety and depression...

And it just kept getting worse. My panic attacks went from a few times a week to several times a day.


When it got so bad that I started feeling afraid to leave the house, I knew something had to change, but I wasn't sure what that was.


I desperately wanted to be better, yet it seemed like no one could help me! 


And so, I committed with every ounce of my being to healing myself. 


I did everything I could to get through the pain that I felt in order to reach the life I truly wanted. 


I read every self development book I could get my hands on, learned about every holistic health practice that came my way, and then started, for the first time ever, truly accepting and loving the things about me that made me different. 

And instead of shutting out my creativity and telling myself that there was something wrong with me for feeling different and having big dreams, I nurtured and welcomed it, and celebrated my passions and desires. 

Then you are in the right place! (1).png

My panic attacks lessened from several times a day to once a day, once a week, once a month, and then went away entirely. 

I felt more excited and motivated each morning. 

I started to understand my strengths and use them in my favor, instead of fighting against my weaknesses. 

I began to heal the deep trauma of my past that created my anxiety and self doubt in the first place.

I began to understand and embrace my value, and demanded what I wanted from life with total confidence. 

I became so confident and empowered that I came out boldly and proudly as a lesbian (after years of hiding, and despite not knowing anyone like me)!

I met a partner who adores me, and treats me like a queen.

I left friendships that were destructive and hurtful (and made more friendships with others that truly loved and accepted me).

I advocated for myself to do more tasks that I actually enjoyed in my work (instead of dreading each day and struggling against the tasks that I hated) and felt happier and more excited to go into work.


I started asking for raises (and got them!)


And eventually, I left my corporate world entirely, started my own business, and found more exciting, fun and fulfilling work on the side that paid even better! 



Then you are in the right place! (2).png

This program is built to compress those 5 years of my life, knowledge and  experiences into a 90 day completely transformational experience.

During that time I would have given anything to be guided in how to make these changes for myself, and I want it to be a lot easier for you than it was for me!

Then you are in the right place! (3).png

Jumping out of bed in the morning bursting with creative ideas, inspiration and excitement about what the day holds!


Making your passions and hobbies a priority in your life, and integrating them into every day, while feeling like you still have more than enough time for everything!


Having tons of energy, and lighting up the room when you enter with your enthusiasm and excitement!


Having the confidence to take that vacation you’ve been dreaming about AND get that raise and acknowledgment that you know you deserve, while feeling really really GOOD about it!


Getting the support, help, guidance and encouragement you know that you need to make huge changes in your life to create what you truly want for yourself (because going it alone hasn’t been working)!


Belonging to a community of other women who are just like you and understand what you’ve been through, to help support and guide you!


Feeling in control, and an unstoppable strength and power over how you spend your time and energy!


Being open and present with the people in your life, and spending more quality time with them, creating amazing memories to look back on!


Feeling like you have made SO much progress halfway through 2020, seeing your dreams COMING TO LIFE and feeling SO excited and grateful about how far you’ve come!

Then you are in the right place! (5).png

(...and maybe a little bit nervous thinking about all the possibilities out there waiting for you once you step forward?)

Here's a look at what the program will cover! 

Then you are in the right place! (8).png

Self Awareness and Shifting 

Meeting you exactly where you are. In this phase we take a close look at everything you're experiencing now and what needs to change in order to get you to where you want to be! 

Then you are in the right place! (9).png

Vision and Possibility

What do you want in life? Sometimes in times of intense stress and overwhelm it can be challenging to even let yourself dream! In this phase we dive deep to discover what you truly want, and start mapping out how to get there! 

Then you are in the right place! (10).pn

Energy Levels and Time

Even the smallest goals can seem impossible when you're drained of energy. It's time to start feeling amazing! In this phase you'll discover how to feel more energy and (get more done!) than ever before! 

Then you are in the right place! (12).pn

Breaking the Habits

Creating realistic, sustainable habits that you continue (and want!) to practice consistently is one of the most powerful keys to success. But not all habits work for everyone!  In this phase we'll work together to develop habits that you enjoy and will keep practicing in order to create the changes you want to see. 

Then you are in the right place! (13).pn

Purpose and Self Worth

When we start to accept ourselves fully for exactly who we are, incredible things start to take shape. In this phase, we explore the thought patterns and beliefs that are holding you back from standing in power as your most confident, vibrant, electric self.  

Then you are in the right place! (14).pn

Negotiating And Value 

Have you ever heard the phrase "you don't get what you don't ask for?" In this phase you'll learn how to boldly ask for what you want, so that you can actually get it! Feeling strong in your value leads to a total upgrade of your life, from being where you "ended up" to where you truly wanted to be. 

Then you are in the right place! (15).pn

Stepping Into Your Future Self

Creating major change to up-level your life takes dedication, courage, consistency and action! In the final phase of the program, you'll identify exactly how to use everything you've learned over last three months and map out a strategy for continued action and growth.


With the confidence and clarity to move forward, you'll be amazed not only by how much you've already achieved at this point, but also by what is truly possible now that you've unleashed your best self! 

Then you are in the right place! (22).pn

Two 90 minute deep-dive intensive process buildout sessions with me!

All 7 phases released in online modules!

Bi-weekly group calls for powerful support from others that share and understand your experience!

A private facebook group for daily support, encouragement, accountability and connection! 

Unlimited voxer and email support from me! 

All the support you could EVER need to make your dreams happen!

Then you are in the right place! (19).pn

Feel at peace, and in control of your life!

Be more confident in everything that you do!

Take risks and live boldly!

Experience more joy in all aspects of life!

Feel totally clear on what you want, and know how to get there!

Live a wildly creative existence!

Be consistently excited and motivated!

Live each day vibrantly and with intention!


If you are feeling excited, and a little scared or nervous, and wondering and dreaming about what it would mean if this all happened for you (even if you're wondering how on earth you could possibly get there!)


...those are all signs you're in the right place! 


Then you are in the right place! (21).pn
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