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Are you tired of...

A packed schedule with back-to-back meetings and tasks and not being able to remember when your last break was?

Cringing at the idea of a photoshoot - or live video, or speaking up in meetings, or speaking onstage? (Even when you know it would help you make huge strides in your career?)

Wearing the same old dingy sweatpants every day, feeling drained and exhausted?

All the negative self-talk and internal criticism keeping you from making bold moves?

Seeing others show up as their bold, authentic selves, and wishing you could be like that too?

Hearing others talk about using intuition and guidance from the universe in their business and life and wondering what the hell they are talking about? (and secretly wishing you knew how to do this too??)

This is for you if...

You want to easily attract opportunities, money, clients, and abundance in every area of life! 

You are SO OVER people-pleasing and dulling yourself down! 

You are ready to release the self-criticism and doubt and step into confidence and power! 

You want to SHOW UP for life, feeling vibrant and excited! 

... and are ready to make it all happen! 

Imagine if... 

Your work days included luxuries like a mid-morning bath and afternoon picnic- just because! 

You felt sexy, confident, and powerful when you looked in the mirror! 

You reignited your passion for what you do- and were bursting with excitement to share your work! 

You felt lighter, more energized and more ELECTRIC than ever before! 

Those old passions you left behind when you got "too busy" are now the finished projects of your dreams! 

What's included:

Unlimited voice message and chat support through Voxer 

Intimate bi-weekly group calls for individual and peer support 

Unlimited email support 

Online modules to guide you through the whole process 

2 90min 1:1 breakthrough sessions 

Guided EFT/Tapping sessions for each of the six modules 

Access to book highly discounted additional 1:1 calls whenever needed

What you'll learn: 

How to use intuition as a superpower to shift your workdays into ease and flow 

How to release the criticism and self doubt that's holding you back! 

How to dress as your most vibrant, powerful self (without sacrificing comfort)

How to ask for (and receive!) the love, joy and abundance you want in life! 

How to stop people-pleasing, and set and enforce boundaries to up-level your relationships! 

How to tune into and embody your electric soul energy! 

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