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Shauna P.

"Having never worked with a professional coach before, I really didn't know what to expect from my coaching session with Camille. It was an amazing experience. She really took the time to get to know me and understand where I was coming from. Camille guided me through exercises that opened my eyes to new perspectives by quickly identifying underlying themes from my responses. I walked away from our session with an actionable to-do list, mantras and resources for future support and renewed optimism in my ability to pursue my passion."

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Sally C.

“Camille is a gem! I feel fortunate I’ve had the good fortune to cross her path.


I am impressed at Camille’s intuitiveness and her ability to process the information I relay to her. She is able to listen to what I feel are my unorganized thoughts and provide clarity and direction to guide me in my thought process. She’s able to make suggestions that give me enough guidance to figure it out on my own, and presents ideas to think about to get me through my journey to answers. Camille is also very good about teaching practices that will help me alleviate my stress and anxiety, which helps to draw out the answers I’ve been looking for."

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Jenna B.

"Camille is an empathetic, intuitive coach who I think really lives by the guidance she offers. In our session together, she asked thoughtful, creative questions that forced me to face the fears, doubts, and behaviors that keep me from pursuing the creative projects I often dream about. And beyond that, she offered helpful exercises to help me move through those blocks and start getting to work!"

“Camille helped me tap into my natural wisdom and meet and make friends with my fears. For three years I’d wanted to apply to graduate school, but felt too old, not good enough, embarrassed to be applying at all, terrified I wouldn’t get in. Camille helped me meet these fears and work with them and beyond them to finally turn toward my desire and say yes, yes, yes. 


It feels so good to embrace what I want, whatever the outcome. I’m thankful to Camille for the ways she listened and mirrored back to me my fears and their inherent strengths, reminding me that I wouldn’t be so afraid to apply if I didn’t want to go to graduate school so much. So true. 


Thank you, Camille, for your coaching and your support. And to all who read this, please send me good vibes for my acceptance to graduate school!” 


-G.R., Coaching Client 

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