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"It's the kind of experience that opens up the mind, the body, the spirit while staying grounded and comfortable. Being in the company of interesting, open, curious people helped me unwind, as did the medley of sparks made by creativity-inducing activities. I'd recommend to people who want to try something new, and enjoy a day away from the things they are used to, to discover the useful."

"I didn't know what to expect at Camille's Finding Sparks workshop, but after the experience there's no way I could have guessed. It was silly, lovely, relaxing and delicious. Finding Sparks helped me remember humility and compassion for myself and curated a moment that felt fully free of expectation or judgment. I can't wait for the next one!"

"I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon playing and connecting with my inner child at the Finding Sparks workshop. Camille did an excellent job of breaking down barriers with well-thought out activities that were both interactive and reflective.

I felt very present and full of gratitude for everyone who took part in the workshop. Thank you Camille for all your efforts and well-executed ideas!!"